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Denise Sam hosts a site for anyone interested in taking part in the course; SRA Buea. He has been coordinating for 3 years and hosts an average of four courses per year depending on the needs and requests of health professionals. His site meets at least four times during the course where they share lessons learned from the course and how they can be applied to the Cameroonian health care system. If you are willing to take part in the eDGH course with his site, you can contact him for more information. Anyone who is interested in joining is welcome, however, priority is given to those who register early.


Denise is a Cameroonian Medical Doctor and Pubic Health Physician based in Cameroon. He is in charge of Continuous Professional Learning at the Sintieh Research Alliance (SRA) in Buea, Cameroon, an organization aimed at refining scientific research training among young scientists thereby creating a sustainable scientific community in Cameroon and beyond. It has been doing so by providing mentored research training to Medical students, Medical Doctors, and other health professionals who seek to improve their research skills.
He earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea he worked as an HIV Primary Care Physician and later worked as Project Manager and Program Manager for Global Health projects. He later was awarded the Commonwealth Distance Learning scholarship to study for and received a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Edinburgh. In addition to these certificates, Denise was opportune to take several eDGH courses which were very useful in improving his skills at work in leadership, HIV clinical management, and project management in global health. He has since then been motivated to ensure healthcare providers have access to and benefit from these courses.

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