Brighton Chireka

United Kingdom, Dover
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DOCBEECEE Leadership Academy

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Zimbabweans are welcomed to join our site, hosted by Brighton and the DOCBEECEE Leadership Academy! Since 2020, Brighton has been a site coordinator at DOCBEECEE for UW online courses and has offered two courses per year. His vibrant site uses Zoom meetings to discuss course materials and give attendees a chance to apply what they've learned in their respective industries. Groups are split into breakout rooms to ensure that conversations flow without fear. This allows everyone to feel as though they belong, makes it okay for them to make mistakes, admit their weaknesses, learn from one another and challenge each other's ideas. As if this weren't enough, Brighton has also welcomed successful leaders from the community as guest speakers to further complement course material. Join us today to transform your career—you won't regret it!


Brighton Chireka is a Zimbabwean, UK-based primary care clinician and international health consultant with over 25 years of experience. He is a certified partner of University of Washington's Department of Global Health E-Learning Program, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Founding Fellowship of Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, Nye Bevan NHS Award in Executive Healthcare Leadership, Professional Certificate in International Health Consultancy, Certificate in Leadership and Organisation for Change and more.

Brighton Chireka has worked in clinical delivery, health systems designing/strengthening/commissioning/delivery and as a strategic leader for seven years in the South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). He is passionate about leadership development, helping the next generation achieve their potential, and believes that good leaders can make the world a better place. Dr Chireka has committed to multi-professional learning and collaboration and is now certified as an eDGH partner, allowing both parties to work closely together to provide quality courses to people everywhere. Collaboration is key to achieving great things.

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