Frequently Asked Questions about Participating in an eDGH Course as a Site

The Site Model

What is the site model?
All our courses incorporate a site-based model where participants in the same geographic location or at the same organization can enroll in the course together and then connect with other learners in their group.

While the course itself is offered online, sites groups create an opportunity for participants to

  • Connect with their colleagues in person or through remote meetings.
  • Discuss the course material together.
  • Apply what they’re learning to their setting and community.
  • Build connections that support them in their work.
  • Participate in the course at a reduced rate.

The "site model” supports a “blended learning” approach that combines the online aspects of the course with real-time interactions, discussion and networking at the site. Through this model, participants are able to work through the course materials independently while also engaging regularly with their peers during site meetings.

Site Coordination, Registering a Site

Who coordinates a site, and what does it involve?
Sites are coordinated by a volunteer site coordinator (the contact person for eDGH), who registers their site by submitting a site application. That person helps coordinate participation, communication, and payments with their site participants, as well as organizes site meetings/discussions several times throughout the course. Read more about what a site coordinator does and what’s involved in this role.

How do I apply to be a site coordinator?
To register to be a site coordinator and host a site at your location, you can submit a site application. Each quarter's courses will become available to select when the site registration opens for that offering (a few months before the course). 

Who can register a site?
We welcome any organization, association or network with an interest in our courses to register as a site. Individuals with an interest in hosting a site are also welcome to register. Generally, a site should be comprised of participants who are co-located in the same country. Sites must be registered by an individual (the person who will be the primary contact for eDGH and participants). 

Which person at my site should be the one to register? 
We often see organizations present their director as the site coordinator. However, the role does require some administrative work and regular communication with eDGH and participants throughout the course. Therefore, sometimes it is best for the main leader of the site group to instead serve as a facilitator. In this case, someone who is best set up to be the organizer and administrator can be the site coordinator and register the site. We welcome you to organize your site according to what is best for your organization.

Does a site have be registered under a person's name and account?
Yes, a site must be affiliated with and registered under a person's name and eDGH account (the person who will be the site coordinator). It’s not possible to have ‘generic’ or ‘organizational’ accounts that are not associated with an individual. If someone else will be coordinating the same site later for a different course, they will need to register the site under their own eDGH account and email.

Where can I learn more about the requirements for hosting a site group?
In addition to this FAQ, you can learn more about being a site coordinator on these pages:

What technical requirements and equipment do sites need?
These are the technical requirements for course participation, which are recommended for all those participating in our courses. 

In addition, site coordinators need to have regular and consistent contact with their participants prior to, during, and after the course. Sites coordinators should have access to reliable equipment for course access and participant engagement, including the capability to host online meetings if the group will be meeting remotely throughout the course. If hosting in-person meetings instead, the following may be helpful when gathering: a computer with either downloaded materials or internet streaming capabilities; LCD projector and screen for viewing videos or other materials; speakers so the group can hear videos.

Who are eDGH Certified Partners?
eDGH Certified Partners are experienced site coordinators who have gone through a unique application and training/certification process to formalize their partnership with eDGH. Through this process, site coordinators work together with eDGH staff to make sure eDGH policies are clear and to submit a site plan. Read more about the requirements, process, and benefits available for eDGH Certified Partners.

Sites and Site Meetings

How many people can be part of a site?
Sites should have a minimum of 5 participants. A successful group can be small! However, larger groups are capped at a maximum number of people (per site fee). The participant limit depends on the course, and you can find these details on each course page.

How do sites meet? 
Sites may meet in-person or remotely using video-conferencing software (such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams). Many sites create WhatsApp groups to distribute local resources and information and to connect, share ideas and support one another.

What do site meetings look like?
For each course, eDGH provides site coordinators with a facilitation guide and discussion questions for that offering. During the site meetings, the group typically reviews the course materials, and the site coordinator or facilitator/s will facilitate guided questions for the group. Read more about these roles and responsibilities.

How often do sites meet?
Ideally, sites should meet weekly, but at a minimum, they must meet 4 times during the course.

How many meetings do participants need to attend?
Site groups are required to host a minimum of 4 site meetings although many sites host more. The participant attendance/participation requirement is to attend at least 3 out of the 4 meetings offered by your site. Participants that meet this requirement and earn a qualifying score in the course are eligible for a certificate of completion. If your site offers more than 4 site meetings, participants are encouraged to attend as many as they are able.

Site Participants

What do participants say about being part of a site?

Site participants often report their learning is enhanced and supported by being part of a site, and many share they have developed important and lasting peer and professional relationships as a result.

Is there more information about taking a course as a site participant?
Visit this page about site participation, which has answers to many FAQs about applying and taking a course as part of a site.