Partner Benefits and Process

What are the requirements to become a Certified Partner?

To become a Certified Partner, you will need to meet these requirements:

  • Track and submit financial data if requested (including copy of invoice) for transparency for your participants.
  • Conduct a minimum of four high-quality site meetings at your site, with make-up sessions or other make-up opportunities.
  • Earn high participant satisfaction (of 90% or higher on the course evaluation surveys). 
  • Meet (virtually) with eDGH staff as requested.
  • Adhere to eDGH policies and procedures.
  • Update eDGH regarding major changes to your site policies as needed.
  • Offer (and complete) an eDGH course at your site at least once per year. 
  • Renewal of your certified partner status will be issued yearly or as deemed necessary.

What are the benefits made available to Certified Partners?

The following benefits are designed to enhance your role as a site coordinator and eDGH Certified Partner and recognize your work in supporting your site:

  • Bio Feature on the eDGH Website: Your role as a Certified Partner is based on your individual work as a site coordinator. Your bio and photo will be featured on the eDGH website to help clarify your role as a Certified Partner for your prospective applicants.

  • Certificate as an eDGH Certified Partner: In support of your efforts to earn this special certification, eDGH will offer a formal certificate.

  • Additional Participants at Your Site: Each course has a limited number of participants per site fee. As a Certified Partner, we would grant your site 2 additional people within the site fee. You can use this opportunity to further reduce the cost for all participants, to provide scholarships, as a reward/free spot for facilitators, etc.

    Or, if you host a smaller site where these additional participants would not be helpful/applicable, we would grant you the option to have a course waiver for a future course for one independent participant. This could be used as a reward/incentive for a participant at your site who would like to take a course that your site is not hosting or could be used by you if you wish to take a future course independently.

  • Personalized Marketing Materials: eDGH has specific policies about how our courses are marketed when you are sharing with prospective applicants. Certified Partners will be offered materials/graphics that can be used to advertise course offerings/applications.

  • Community Forum: Connect with other Certified Partners to discuss best practices and strategies to find solutions to best support the participants at your site.

  • Real-Time Professional Training: In an effort to support your role as a leader and organizer, eDGH plans to offer new (free) resources from leading experts to help you in your role and professionally in general.

What is the process to become a Certified Partner?

eDGH is excited to welcome experienced site coordinators to become Certified Partners through several steps designed to help eDGH get to you know you better while also making our policies and guidelines clearer and more accessible.

Application: This application will help us learn more about your current work as a site coordinator, your goals and start off the process to become certified. Applications will be open from 16 March until 10 April 2023 and then we anticipate offering this program 2 times each year when possible. 

Training: eDGH has adapted the Site Coordinator Training Package to specifically support your role as a Certified Partner. This training is 6 weeks and will include quizzes and assignments to build your Site Plan.  eDGH plans to offer this training twice a year, generally starting in April and again in October.

Site Development: Based on eDGH policies and your preferences that you have been able to determine through the training, you will be creating a formal site plan that will include items such as:

  • Marketing (including materials)
  • Recruitment
  • Financial policies and payment
  • Site cancellation
  • Enrollment
  • Communications
  • Site meetings
  • Participant engagement
  • Certificate distribution

Final Documentation: This step is a chance to submit the proposed details of your site plan and recommit to eDGH agreed policies.

eDGH Consultation:
 At the end of the process, you’ll meet virtually with our staff to discuss your site plan and confirm your policies moving forward. After this stage, you will either become a certified partner or receive feedback on how you can best move forward. If certified, you will begin receiving the benefits outlined above.

Ongoing Connection Points: Once you become a Certified Partner, we hope to remain in great contact with you. At times, we will check in and hope to remain updated as to how your site is working. These connection points may include:

  • Emails and virtual meetings
  • Meetings to discuss participant evualtion reviews
  • Site policy review discussions

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at to sign up for the next informational meeting. We look forward to partnering with you!