Billing Practices

The E-learning Program is available for work on e-learning and web projects on a fee-for-services basis. Projects are billed in accordance with the practices approved for UW recharge centers. Recharge centers bill for true costs and are designed to recover costs accrued. As of 10/1/2023, our rates for internal University of Washington budgets are:

E-learning & Web development$91.63/hour

Billable rates for clients outside of the University are higher in order to cover instutitional overhead and other fees and are available upon request.

Please contact us for more information or if you'd like to discuss a project.

For all of our projects, we:

  • Provide a written estimate of effort and costs required, which is a good faith attempt to predict the final cost.
  • Ask you for approval of the estimate, and your budget number.
  • Bill monthly for actual staff time spent on the project.
  • Submit a revised estimate for total cost, if any changes mean the project is expected to go beyond +10% of the original estimate.
  • Create monthly project activity reports, showing the status of each project we have in process with your budget, along with notes about activities and expenses posting to the current billing cycle
  • Coordinate and pay vendors (designers, printers, etc.) and bill for our coordination time, asking that client projects provide a budget number we can use to pay vendor costs.

For internal University of Washingon clients, fees are billed at the end of every month, via an Internal Sales Document. You will be able to see what effort you are being billed for, and can request more detail at any time.

Non–University of Washington clients will be invoiced by email and can pay either by check, credit card, or wire transfer.